Important: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or some *trendy* marketing technique.

“Ready To Crush Your Competition And Turn Your Website Into A Money Making Machine? Use This 7 Proven Step Formula.”

From: David Jenyns – Director Melbourne SEO Services & Melbourne Video Production.

It’s true, if you do a quick Google for the term “internet marketing” you’ll find there are hundreds of “marketing gurus” who want to sell you become-a-millionaire-overnight type products – ranging from a couple of hundred dollars all the way up to many thousands. Who knows, maybe you’ve already bought a couple? I know I have.

I know some of them work – some of these programs are even great – but where almost all of them FAIL is giving a simple step-by-step system, any business owner can follow, in order to build a success web business.

When you understand EXACTLY what you need to do (and in what order) to build a successful web business, you’ll understand why most people fail to make money online.

David Jenyns

The fact is, I can show you
how to build a successful online business…

But building a successful online business is not get-rich-quick, it takes work!

Introducing… The Competition Crusher Report
Let me share with you my 7 step-by-step, blueprint anyone can follow to build a website that works.

7+ years in development, personally tested and tested with my coaching clients, this blueprint has now been proven to work for hundreds of small businesses. Perfectly suited to the beginner/intermediate with an existing or new business – this is the complete guide to marketing online.

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Inside this amazing manual,
here’s just a few things you’ll discover:
  • Why you must be #1 on Google and the step-by-step system to get there.
  • How to get your website visitors to pick up the phone and place their next order with you.
  • Understand how Google really works and how to quickly and easily drive more free traffic to your website.
  • What tools the online marketing pros use to dominate in Google.
  • How to use Twitter and Facebook to gain an unfair advantage over your competition and position your business as the market leader.
  • Why using video is the most cost effective form of marketing available online and how you can get started cheaply.
  • How to use email as a silent salesmen, selling your business 24/7 – best of all it works without you!
  • How to make the media your best friend and gain thousands of dollars in free advertising.
  • In short, you’re going to learn how to turn any website (your website) into lead generating system.
But does this system really work?

I know it works and so do the hundreds of business owners who have put it to the test. That said, don’t take my word for it, the system works so well, I have attracted the attention of numerous newsletters, newspapers and magazines (see here).

Even ‘The Age’, one of Australia’s biggest newspapers, quoted my methods heavily in one of their recent articles.

Still not convinced? Click here to read my full bio or google my name “David Jenyns”. Do your research, find out all you can about me and once you’re confident I’m the real deal let’s work together.

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How much is it to get started?

The fact is, I’m an entrepreneur and I make the majority of the wealth through businesses, trading and real estate… not through selling ebooks. So, I don’t need your money.

That said, my business mentor once taught me, for someone to see the value in something, there must be a value exchanged between both parties. In other words, for you to see the value in the Competition Crusher Report, you must pay something for it. I don’t really care what you pay, as long as you pay something…

After chatting with my team we agreed, the minimum charge we could allow was $7 – this pretty much covers our overheads for the website and support. You’d have to agree that’s more than a fair price to pay.

Download your copy of the
Competition Crusher Report for $7.

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My personal privacy guarantee to you. I respect your privacy and will never share your email address with anyone.

Once you order, I’ll immediately email you the download links for this 42 page ebook and I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with it.

David Jenyns Keynote SpeakerBuy it. Apply it. Profit from it.

Your Online Marketing Coach,

David Jenyns

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